5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Egyptians

1-The Ancient Egyptians Loved Board Games

That’s right, they had board games back then. Theirs, however, was a bit different. They had many board games. However, the most popular was Senet. There are even encryptions of royals playing the game on tomb walls. Even King Tutankhamen had a copy in his tomb. The rules of the game are impossible to identify. However, there are modern adaptions of the game based on what little evidence there is in the game’s rule.

2. Most Pharaohs Were Fat

The statues and engravings on walls were ancient Photoshop lies told by the Egyptian rulers to make themselves appear God-Like and as propaganda. In actual fact, they were often overweight and unhealthy. Since they could eat whatever they wanted and whenever they desired, they stuffed themselves like pigs.

3. Cats were so sacred, killing one by accident meant death.

Cats were held in high honour by the Egyptians. There was even a cat Goddess called Bastet. A Greek Historian by the name of Diodorus Siculus, tells of an incident in which a Roman accidentally kills a cat in Egypt. Soon after, an angry mob ensued and was howling for the man’s blood. The King even tried to intervene but to no avail. Whilst not all of Egypt was this cat crazy, certain parts held cats in such a high position in society, they demanded the death penalty for the killing of a cat, even if it was accidental.

4. There are more Pyramids in Sudan than Egypt.

The Egyptians actually built more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt. There are approximately 255 pyramids in Nubia. They are different to the ones built in Egypt by both size and structure. Many have been damaged by treasure hunters looking for gold.

5. Cleopatra was more Greek than Egyptian.

Ancient Egypt’s most famous individual was Cleopatra. It might surprise you to know that she wasn’t actually Egyptian. Cleo came from the Ptolemy dynasty. Ptolemy was one of Alexander the Greats generals who conquered Egypt for himself after Alexander’s death. Cleo was one of the few from this line that could speak Egyptian. Even her name was Greek. She had more greek blood than Egyptian, due royal family wanting to keep the line pure. Egypt became more and greeker as time went on.


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